Clark Taylor delivering trivia questions at The Jolly Scholar in front of a crowd of people.

The Jolly Scholar’s New Trivia King Expands the Repertoire

You may know that a Richter scale measures the size of earthquakes, but can you guess what a Saffir-Simpson scale measures? If you said hurricanes, you would have felt right at home at The Jolly Scholar May 2nd. The Case Alumni Association hosted a special trivia contest at the campus brewpub as part of the […]


The Jolly Scholar Brewery Featured in Entertainmnet

“A dozen taps, with handles reclaimed from a ballroom floor above the brewpub, pour The Jolly Scholar’s beer as early ’80s music plays. Students at the five-year-old Think(Box) innovation center on campus are designing a high-tech tap system with WiFi readers to send signals showing exactly how much beer has been poured in real time.”

Thank you for your interest in visiting The Jolly Scholar! We’ve certainly missed you, and we look forwarding to seeing you again soon. We anticipate reopening for food and bar service Aug. 24. In the meantime, follow us on Facebook for the latest updates. And don’t forget to order Jolly beer for delivery at!