Clark Taylor delivering trivia questions at The Jolly Scholar in front of a crowd of people.

The Jolly Scholar’s New Trivia King Expands the Repertoire

You may know that a Richter scale measures the size of earthquakes, but can you guess what a Saffir-Simpson scale measures? If you said hurricanes, you would have felt right at home at The Jolly Scholar May 2nd. The Case Alumni Association hosted a special trivia contest at the campus brewpub as part of the […]


The Jolly Scholar Brewery Featured in Entertainmnet

“A dozen taps, with handles reclaimed from a ballroom floor above the brewpub, pour The Jolly Scholar’s beer as early ’80s music plays. Students at the five-year-old Think(Box) innovation center on campus are designing a high-tech tap system with WiFi readers to send signals showing exactly how much beer has been poured in real time.”